There are different types of “hijackers”.  The hijacker virus, sometimes known as the Google Hijack virus, will load spyware onto your PC and force your browser to direct you to other websites than you had originally wanted to go to.  Often a system restore can remove this virus without having to modify the registry. While a system restore done in Safe Mode can often rid your computer of this particular malware, a dedicated virus and spyware removal tool is often needed for most infections.


What is it?

That’s the million dollar question! and here is the answer:

rbot.ebq is an older worm (computer virus) that attacks unsecured computer networks and uses this connection to spread to computers on the network.   It attacks Microsoft Windows 2000 and early versions of MS Windows XP.

This spread quickly when it came out several years ago but new outbreaks have subsided.  Symptoms include your computer shutting down and restarting without warning… if this looks familiar you should check out the spyware/virus removal links in the menu sidebar and look for a program that might help remove this!


opens pop-up ads.

more info to come soon…


Adds adult website links to your favourites menu (bookmarks)…

more info to come soon…


Offers adult web links, and might cause pop-up ads to be displayed.

more info to come soon…


IE browser helper object that opens pop-up ads.

more details to come soon…


AdBreak opens pop-up advertising as well as browser hijacks.

more details to come soon…


ActiveX control that’s capable of installing other software onto your computer.

more details to come soon…


Browser toolbar / search hijacker.



This is an ActiveX control that installs telephone dialers onto your system.



7faSSt is an IE toolbar search application that posses a security/privacy risk by monitoring all of your online browsing behaviour..



404search is a pop-up opening adware application.


2020 Search

2020search is a hijacker that opens your computer to security risks. It allows the silent installation of software via activeX onto your computer.

more details to come soon…


123Mania is a search hijacker that shows pop-up ads.