Is Spyware, Adware, and Malware really a problem or is it just hype?

YES it is a HUGE problem! Most people don’t understand how serious the Spyware, Malware & Adware threat really is.  At the moment there are almost 100,000 known spyware & adware programs being circulated on the Internet, with many more being added to that number each and every day!  The biggest problem is that most people don’t know how to recognize when they are infected with spyware, and this gives the spyware more time to spread.

How can Spyware infect my computer?

Spyware can install itself onto your computer without your permission and can hide itself so you won’t even see it!  This is why Spyware is so malicious, it is invisible and most people have no clue that they are infected.  If you surf the Internet, download music, movies or videos, games, flash animations or any other software that is not endorsed by a highly reputable source… you probably have a spyware infection on your computer.  It’s a fact: over 90% of personal computers on the Internet today are infected with Spyware or Adware.

Why should I be worried about Spyware & Adware? How will I be affected?

You really should be worried about spyware and adware.  While adware is usually installed as a secondary program when you install a free or shareware application… sometimes they can force their way onto your system without your permission.   Spyware on the other hand is almost always forcibly installed and never provide an uninstall.  While adware is used primarily for displaying annoying pup-up ads, altered search engine results and advertising in general… Spyware is more malicious.  Spyware is often used to STEAL Personal information from your computer, spy on your Internet activity, email and sometimes is used to aid identity theft and credit card fraud!

What makes spyware particularly scary is the fact that it is secretly installed without permission and resists uninstalling (sometimes it even downloads new spyware applications).

How do I know if I am already infected?

There are a few tell tale signs of a spyware or adware infection:

  • Endless pop-up windows when you surf the Internet
  • Your email applications are running slower or not working properly
  • Search results are always showing the same websites on top
  • Your homepage is always being reset
  • Your computer is much slower and prone to crashing or freezing
  • You go to a specific web address but are redirected to another

These are the most obvious side effects that people notice, but they are not the only ones.  The only way to be 100% sure is to get your computer scanned for spyware & adware.

You can get your computer scanned for free, and I have listed some spyware removers here on EZ Spyware Removal so you can visit them all and get your free scanning! I encourage you to visit each of these websites because it’s possible that sometimes one scan might miss something that another one will find.  They all provide good quality information about Spyware, Adware, trojans, worms and so on… That is one of the reasons I have chosen them.  I believe that if someone is not willing to give you a free test scan up-front,then it probably sucks! If you search on the Internet you will probably find that other people have also listed these as “the best of the best” for spyware removal, ok, go remove that spyware!