Spyware Removal How To


While system restore cannot always remove spyware, malware, and viruses, it is a great first step to try in spyware removal.  It is not a substitute for having solid anti-spyware software on your computer.


Windows PCs have an option called “System Restore”.   It is designed to restore your computer settings and programs to an earlier time; before the spyware was installed.  It will not affect any of your documents, files, or pictures but it will uninstall any programs that have been installed since the restore point that you select.


Spyware Removal Using System Restore:

  1. Go To: Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore
  2. Select Next or “Restore my computer to an earlier time”
  3. Select a date you believe is before your computer started showing signs of spyware.
  4. Then click Next, then Finish.
  5. Your computer will automatically go through the restore process and restart after several minutes.  Please be patient.


Please note that these instructions were written for Windows 7 and will be nearly the same for other versions of Windows.


Once your computer restarts, you should be spyware free.  If not, you can attempt entering Safe Mode on your PC by tapping the F8 key while your computer boots up.  Once in Safe Mode, re-try the System Restore.


If none of these steps work to remove the spyware from your computer, you will need to download a quality anti-spyware and spyware removal program.  Please review the rest of the information here on EZSpywareRemoval.com for reviews, discounts, and recommended programs.  Good Luck!