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Spyware Removal with System Restore

Spyware Removal How To   While system restore cannot always remove spyware, malware, and viruses, it is a great first step to try in spyware removal.  It is not a substitute for having solid anti-spyware software on your computer.   Windows PCs have an option called “System Restore”.   It is designed to restore your computer settings and programs to an earlier time; before the spyware was installed.  It will not [&hellip

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What Exactly is Spyware?

There are many different types of malicious software spreading across the Internet so it is important to know what spyware is and what spyware does to your computer.  “Spyware” is a somewhat general term to describe software and programs that perform certain actions; typically without your knowledge or consent. Displaying Targeted Advertising Collecting personal info Changing the configuration and settings on your computer Spyware is often associated with malware that [&hellip

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How to Outsmart Hackers and Viruses

Anti-virus programs and spyware removal software have improved enough that the weakest link is now you!  Hackers have resorted to social engineering to trick people into divulging their sensitive information or clicking a link that will install a virus.  Hackers can easily “spoof” an email or website to make it look legitimate. Here is how you can outsmart them: Always do a reality check- Did you get an email from [&hellip

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Spyware Definitions

Adware Software that is used for the delivery of advertisements or webpages while the user is connected to or surfing the Internet.  The ads are usually triggered based on the user’s surfing habits.  For example, when the adware recognizes a user entering a search term it will display an advertisement relevant to that search term in hopes that the user will click on it. Adware is installed in various ways. [&hellip

Recognize & Prevent Spyware

In the event that you have adware or spyware installed on your computer, here is what you can expect to encounter (the warning signs) and what you can do to remedy the problem. Adware Since the purpose of adware is to display advertisements for a 3rd party (and make money) this sort of software is relatively easy to spot. Adware usually works by opening unwanted pop-up or pop-under ads.  Sometimes [&hellip

Spyware Removal

Is Spyware, Adware, and Malware really a problem or is it just hype? YES it is a HUGE problem! Most people don’t understand how serious the Spyware, Malware & Adware threat really is.  At the moment there are almost 100,000 known spyware & adware programs being circulated on the Internet, with many more being added to that number each and every day!  The biggest problem is that most people don’t [&hellip

Some Types of Viruses and Spyware

Hijackers There are different types of “hijackers”.  The hijacker virus, sometimes known as the Google Hijack virus, will load spyware onto your PC and force your browser to direct you to other websites than you had originally wanted to go to.  Often a system restore can remove this virus without having to modify the registry. While a system restore done in Safe Mode can often rid your computer of this [&hellip

Windows Defender / Microsoft AntiSpyware

Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware Program Windows Defender which was formerly known as Microsoft AntiSpyware, is a free software product that helps spyware and malware.  Windows Defender was initially a spyware removal and anti-spyware program.  It is included with Vista and Windows 7.  It is available as a free download for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  It is upgraded to full anti virus software in Windows 8. Like just about everyone else, I’ve been hearing all sorts of [&hellip

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