Funwebproducts Spyware

Funwebproducts is both malware and a virus, as on the one hand it saps your system resources preventing other applications from running smoothly, and on the other hand it infects your computer by being difficult to remove. In some cases, attempting to remove the virus can damage critical registry entries or system files and create major problems with the existing data on your computer.

It wont be much fun if you have the Funwebproducts Spyware

It wont be much fun if you have the Funwebproducts Spyware on your PC

This aberration of programming code is hidden in a number of downloadable free e-mail enhancement applications, the primary culprit being a company called iWon. If you have downloaded anything this techno-scourge has produced, you have neither won nor enhanced anything. Some headaches that include the Funwebproducts curse are:

Cursor Mania
My Mail Notifier/My Mail Signature/My Mail Stamp/My Mail Stationery
Popular Screensavers

The malware installs a toolbar on your Internet Explorer browser named MySearch from which a large number of links are created in the background to a number of unknown, and therefore suspicious, websites. It makes significant changes to the Registry, contaminating not only the browser, but any other application on your computer that requires access to these changed registry entries.

If your concern is privacy, this malware tracks your Internet movements and records personal data as your normally use your browser.

Funwebproducts Removal

Now that the problem has been identified, the next step is to see what tools are available to remove the plague. It is important to avoid the removal instructions from since they are the ones who created the problem to begin with. And it is important to know that not all anti virus software will remove, or for that matter, detect, this virus.

Malwarebytes is one of the top malicious software removal tools.  It also includes a Chameleon mode which allows you to run it even when malware blocks your other anti virus programs from running.

Bitdefender ( offers a solid technical explanation and detailed information about what registry items have been changed. They offer a 30 day free trial on their products (see Trial Downloads) and this allows you to wipe out any other malware on your PC. ( gives a very detailed list of the registry entries and has a downloadable remover tool on its web page. What I like about this site is they call the malware for what it is – a parasite.

Security Stronghold ( has a complete and tiring list of all the processes that need to be stopped plus all the registry entries and folders that need to be deleted to fully eradicate the malware. As with other sites, they offer a free download removal tool, but they also give you the opportunity to chat with one of their professional staff and give an individual solution guarantee in the event earlier attempts have caused more problems.

On a larger scale, the Funwebproducts virus can infest servers as well, compromising security and flooding the server with spam.

On a server level, the website Home with Andrew ( gives useful remedies that can be applied immediately. The site also gives these tips about bots on servers:

Bad bots do harm to you in many ways :

Some bots are designed to scrape your content – copy and steal your content.
They eat up bandwidth – remember you pay for your bandwidth.
If they hit you often enough, they can choke your bandwidth and real visitors will have problems accessing your site.
The make your server logs files look like garbage. It’s tough enough looking at your log file without having to see this crap popping up in every other line.

So we have pointed you in the right direction to be aware of and remove the funwebproducts virus. There are multiple solutions, so select the one that is right for you.