What Malware and Spyware can do to Your PC and Your Life

Almost everyone has a computer these days and with widespread access to the Internet it can sometimes be difficult not to allow harmful spyware, malware and viruses to attack your computer. The worst thing about it is that a lot of the spyware that currently exists is something that can harm not only your computer, but it can also take over control of your entire life. It is extremely dangerous [&hellip

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                Protect Your PC for Less. 20% off Malwarebytes PRO To use the coupon code you must click the link above and use the code: coupon20 This offer is valid until 12/31 for EZ Spyware Removal visitors.  To use the Malwarebytes coupon code, simply click the link to be taken to the discounted product page then simply enter “COUPON20″ on the checkout page.  Not [&hellip

Disable Autorun to Prevent Spyware

The autorun function was abused by spyware and malware creators shortly after its debut many years ago. It was intended to make non-hard disk drives — particularly optical drives and thumb drives, more user friendly. When most users insert a CD into their computer, they want it to automatically start playing. This same functionality allowed users to quickly install legitimate software from CD-ROMs, and later, DVDs. Unfortunately, smart spyware authors [&hellip

Spyware Removal

Spyware Removal Welcome to EZ Spyware Removal.com, your #1 resource for spyware removal tips, how-to’s, and reviews of spyware removal software. Spyware by definition is unwanted software that is installed on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  It gathers information about your browsing habits and intercepts your personal data.  The spyware application often then transmits the information to a third party who may use it for malicious purposes. We cover [&hellip

android spyware
Why 99% of Androids Can Get Malware

Just about every Android phone has a huge, massive security weakness according to security startup BlueBox that discovered the new vulnerability. According to them, almost every Android phone made in the past four years is close to turning into a malicious zombie device, thanks to a weakness that can “turn any legitimate application into a malicious Trojan.”  The malicious software appears to be spyware. While news of security issues in Android [&hellip

Android Spyware Removal
7 Ways to Prevent and Remove Spyware on Your Android

Android phones, tablets and other devices that use the Android operating system are more prone to spyware and viruses than an Apple IOS device.  This is one reason why corporate users have favored deploying iPhones over Androids.  Whether your Android device is used for personal or work tasks, here is what you need to know. How to Remove Spyware and Malware from an Android Phone or Tablet If you’re an [&hellip

Funwebproducts Spyware

Funwebproducts Spyware Funwebproducts is both malware and a virus, as on the one hand it saps your system resources preventing other applications from running smoothly, and on the other hand it infects your computer by being difficult to remove. In some cases, attempting to remove the virus can damage critical registry entries or system files and create major problems with the existing data on your computer. This aberration of programming [&hellip

malwarebytes review
Malwarebytes Review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free and Anti-Malware PRO is not a new entry to the spyware removal and anti virus market.  Malwarebytes has been around for over 7 years and has been downloaded more than 200 million times.  We have used it on hundreds of home and corporate PCs.  Here is our Malwarebytes review: Anti-Malware Free Review The free version of Malwarebytes is primarily for after the fact spyware removal.  It lacks [&hellip

3 Tips for Dealing with Spyware, Malware, and Virus Removal

It’s bound to happen, at some point your computer will be infected with spyware, malware, or even a virus. Spyware removal is important to understand and knowing how to do it before you’re infected will save you a lot of stress and time. Yes, there are a lot of mean people out there, and unfortunately you pay the price for their evil ways. It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t [&hellip

iPad and iPhone Spyware Removal

  The process of detecting and identifying spyware on your iPhone or iPad can be a tricky process.  However, it is an important task to undertake since spyware can reduce your battery life, increase data usage and steal your personal data and communications.  iPhone spyware removal isn’t a difficult process if you read the following information. Although spyware on an iPhone or iPad performs similar finctions to that on a [&hellip

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